2014 Meet



Vendor List

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Matthew Herson
Load Man (Dick Yemenijian)
Bob’s Photo
Stan Rydarowicz

Clinics & Clinicians

A Float Yard for the Allegheny & Western Vince Lee
Modeling Structures from Photographs Fred Willis
Using Car Loads to Enhance Operations on Small and Medium Sized Layouts Keith Albright
Weathering Freight Cars for Beginners: No Airbrush Required Ralph S. DeBlasi
Fun with Flats Ralph S. DeBlasi
Modeling B&O Steam in HO Fred Lass
Realizing the Reading Tom Jacobs
Early Reading Auto Cars Dick Foley
Update on the Nickel Plate Road Tony Koester
Adapting Prototype Waybills for Model Railroad Operations Dave Ramos
Detailing Trucks and Trailers, 1930’s to 1960’s Dick Flock
Modeling the PRR Southwest Branch Larry Kline
Modeling P&LE cabooses Larry Kline
Tuscaloosa, Alabama in the 1960’s Ramon Rhodes
Nitpicker’s Delight: Passenger and Freight Car Trucks John Greene
JMRI is More Than Decoder Pro Bob Bucklew
JMRI Engine Driver and Web Server Bob Bucklew
Bill Price’s Slides: Showcasing the Western Maryland’s Helmstetter’s Curve and the B&O’s Curve at Mance. Steve Stewart
Update on the Housatonic Craig Bisgeier
Conrail Intermodal Portfolio John McLaughlin
Double Stack Equipment. Jim Panza
Modeling the NYC Gondola that carried the Innovative AC&F Cement Containers, c. 1937 Ron Parisi
Progress on Mike’s ex-LV Lehigh Line layout in the Conrail Era Mike Rose
Reading Xar and Xad Boxcars Steven Funaro
Building Resin Kits Steven Funaro
The Ma & Pa RR 1943—Two Years Later Ted DiIorio
John W. Barriger on the PRR: The Philadelphia Area Nick Fry
Exploring the Reading’s Shamokin Division Jim Hertzog
Modeling a Modern Short Line Lance Mindheim
Modeling Digitally and 3D Printing and RP Processes. 3D Model Tech (Bill Lane)
Rolling stock of the WAG Mike Schleigh
Modeling Another Mile in Another Scale Larry DeYoung
Architectural Model Making 101 Jim Harr
Basics of Setting Up a Layout for TT&TO Operation Jim Schweitzer
The B&O’s Marine Operations on the Ohio River John Teichmoeller
Paints and Glues Mike Baker
To Build or Rebuild: That is the Question Ralph Heiss
Turning a Prototype Industry Into a Model Industry Scott Mason
The M&K Railroad Keith DeVault
DL&W in Jamestown, NY Ed Olszewski
The Magnolia Cutoff at 100 Years Henry Freeman
Railtown 1897: Historic Park-Sierra RR Bill Schaumburg
Modeling B&O’s Wheeling Freight Terminal, ca 1926 Eric Hansmann
Post Pullman Operations on the Reading: Includes DL&W/LV/CNJ Carl Rose
Some Steel Mill Railroad Operations Mike Rabbitt
Mather Stan Rydarowicz
Prototype Research From Financial Reports Eric Dervinis
B&P Cement Plants Paul Cappelloni
CR’s (and PC) Most Common 50′ Boxcars and How to Model them Dennis Lippert
The Blue Streak Merchandise: The Train That Ran A Railroad Todd Sullivan
Modeling a Prototype Without Compression Jim Mitchell
Loksound Matthew Herman
Lehigh Valley Hoppers Chuck Davis
Layout Design for Operations – Parts 1 & 2 Bob Reid
Lackawanna Passenger Trains James Dalberg
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