railroad-history-3The Philadelphia Division had its beginning back in the 1960s in an organization known as the Philadelphia Council of Model Railroad Clubs. An article by the first superintendent, Dick Bradley (MMR), published in the July/August, 1969 MER Local describes the formation:

     Article from July-Aug 1969 MER Local
     Philadelphia Division Charter

The minutes of the May, 1969 MER meeting in Easton, PA, describe the approval of the division’s charter:

     May, 1969 MER Meeting Minutes

Paul Backenstose relates that he was the superintendent from 1979 to 1983. Following his term, someone had volunteered to continue as super, but unfortunately things fizzled out until the early ’90s, when member Bob Beebe attempted to reactivate the division. With the help of new officers John Nawn, Steve Salotti, and Mike Hazzard (super, asst. super, and clerk respectively) the division became invigorated and has remained active since. Many thanks to Paul Backenstose and Steve Salotti for providing much of the information, as well as then-MER Archivist Bob Price for the documents. Also note Bob’s father, Walt’s signature at the bottom of the MER minutes.

As of May 24, 2019 we are proud to celebrate 50 years as Division 3 of the MER.

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