June 7th Meet Recap

StARR - Brandywine yard view 1

The meeting was held at St. Alban’s Church in Newtown Square, PA.





  • Business Meeting
    1. Superintendent Joe Bergmaier was unable to addend the meeting. Meeting was called to order by Assistant Superintendent Charles Butsch.
    2. Election: Slate of candidates was re-elected.
    3. Treasurer Howard Kaplan gave report.
    4. AP Chairman Brian Good spoke about the Achievement Program and presented certificates as follows: Golden Spike: Alden Smith; Civil Engineering: Earl Paine.
    5. Clerk Mark Wallace gave report on updating member information on the NMRA website.
    6. Website committee member Howard Kaplan gave report on new website.
    7. Business meeting adjourned.
  • Director at Large and Ops Chairman Rob Hinkle gave his clinic titled “Operations Bootcamp.”
  • Awards presented to Charles Butsch and Rick Cline for winning entries in November 2013 meet model contest.
  • A Kadee HO Reading hopper was raffled and guest Rob Ischlinger was the winner.
  • Following lunch, Rob Hinkle presented a short orientation to operations on the StARR club layout. Members proceeded downstairs to the club for further orientation and crew assignments. The operating session concluded around 4PM.

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