Ron Patzer – Stoney Creek RR (HO) (Dismantled)


Ron has some very spectacular scenes highlighted by the custom made viaducts and bridges. Structures are not forgotten either. The main station has a shed and many details to remind you of the real thing. HO Scale 26′ x 46′ set in 1950 to 1975 time frame. Freelancing the prototypes of DL&W, Erie, Erie-Lackawanna. Hoboken to Buffalo, Jersey City to Chicago over a 1000′ main line. Main line radius of 36″ on 1/2″ homosote on 1/2″ plywood. Previously control was via DC momentum memory throttles from MR article. Currently DCC.

1950/1975 – Erie – Jersey City to Chicago; DL&W – Hoboken to Buffalo. Walkaround & through one 60″-duckunder. Steam, diesel; passenger, freight. Hidden staging w/continuous running, super elevated curves, 3 helixes, Nicholson & Starrucca viaducts.

This layout was dismantled in September of 2016.

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View – DL&W Eastbound (12/23/2015)
Cab View – DL&W Westbound (12/23/2015)
Cab View – Erie Eastbound (12/23/2015)
Cab View – Erie Westbound (12/23/2015)
Cab View – PRR (12/23/2015)
Cab View – Branch to Oswego (12/23/2015)
Flyover (12/23/2015)

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Photos from 2009 by Howard Kaplan

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Photos 12/2015 by Bill Fagan

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  1. Beautiful layout. Great scenery. Would have liked to have seen it. Unfortunately it was dismantled 2 months ago. I’ve been fortunate to see many club and home model RRs. The sierra Pacific Lines in Pasadena CA had open house and family day and I was able to go on the main floor to see the layout upclose and was able to get some personal videos. Also videos of some beautiful home layouts throughout the US as I travelled for business and took advantage of my model train and Prototype craze.

  2. Thanks for all the beautiful photos of your layout. It gives me a lot of ideas for the layout I’m building. It won’t even come close to the time and effort that you put into this extremely scenic model RR. The detail used in bringing the railroad to life is amazing. Just one thing I’ll point out. The cement large wall with some sort of vines growing down the wall and the faintly darker water marks on the wall make the scene very realistic. You hit the nail on the head. I’ll be reviewing the many photos to look for more subtle additions to scenes to make them much more realistic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Whatever happened to Ron Patzer? RIP to his layout after it was demolished.

    1. Ron moved. He plans to build another version of this layout.

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