Philadelphia Division Meet

Date(s) - Saturday, September 9, 2023
9:00 AM

College Settlement Day Camp
590 Witmer Road
Horsham, PA 19044



For our September 9, 2023 meet, the Philadelphia Division convenes at a new venue, the College Settlement Day Camp in Horsham, PA. The official address is 590 Horsham Road, Horsham, PA 19144, however the actual entrance can be found using the coordinates 40°10’33.7″N 75°09’08.2″W which can be brought up by clicking on the button above for the full size map. The doors open at 8:30am with the program set to begin at 9.

Our first clinic will be presented by recent division transplant (from Keystone Division in the MCR) Eric Hansmann and is titled “Prototype Inspiration for Manageable-Sized Layouts.”  Eric’s main focus will be how to find a prototype that can fit into a limited model railroad space. He’ll discuss considerations for operations, modeling the most important prototype features, and communicating a sense of time and space. Several examples will be featured.

Eric Hansmann has been model railroading since the mid-1970s and built his first HO scale layout following a John Armstrong plan in an Atlas track plan book. Eric has had articles published in the Layout Design Journal, Model Railroad Hobbyist, Model Railroad Planning, and Railroad Model Craftsman. He has worked in radio, printing, college   recruitment, marketing, and has owned a retail record store.

Eric was consumed by the narrow-gauge bug for several years, but settled into HO-scale prototype modeling, focusing on the mid-1920s. He moved to Philadelphia in February and unpacked his HO-scale B&O Wheeling Freight Terminal in a 10×16 space. It offers a different pace for operations. He is working on designing, building, and operating a new layout inspired by a forgotten B&O branch in Pittsburgh. He posts regular hobby activity updates to his blog (, and manages the Resin Car Works blog (

Our second clinic will be presented by Dr. Steve Wysowski and is  titled “Bashing a Self-Propelled Steam Doodlebug.” Steve will walk us through the steps of building a narrow-gauge, steam-powered doodlebug. Using many commercially available parts, you can follow the journey to create a nearly prototypical steam doodlebug. (Yes … they existed!)

All attendees are encouraged to bring a model to the meet to display and discuss, if you like, during our Show and Tell period.

In addition, the Achievement Program Committee is now judging models at the meets.  If you wish to have a model judged, please inform either Earl Paine or Joe Walters ahead of time.

As usual we’ll hold our 50/50 raffle, draw for door prizes, and have coffee, donuts, and Philly soft pretzels.

The afternoon features some excellent layouts for visitation. Hope you can make it!


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