: Steel

Anthracite Model Railroad Society (HO)


The AMRS was organized in 1990. Layout is a custom built 21 feet by 54 feet layout consisting of 2 interconnected levels of track. The layout contains some 1,600 feet of HO gauge track which is made up of approximately 1,000 feet of flex track and 575 feet of hand laid track. … More...

Ken McCorry – PRR (HO)


Club-sized layout in a specially-built barn. Diesel and Electric motive power from the late ’70s, run over ex-PC/PRR track in the Harrisburg area and over the Buffalo line. Layout articles in April, ’99 and December, ’04 Model Railroader.More...

Mike Rabbitt – Lake Erie & Mad River (HO) (dismantled)


Unfortunately, this layout has been dismantled, and Mike has moved to new quarters, but we have left the original synopsis below:

If your interests are in steel mills and the steel industry, you MUST see this layout. All the steel mill industries are scratchbuilt and highly detailed. If they were built in full size, they could work. In fact, the Walthers blast furnace has a pipe hooked up incorrectly and wouldn’t work if it were built that way! … More...

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