Rob & Sandi Arthur – R & S, Western Division (HO) (dismantled)


Rob and his wife built this layout as a team. He built the benchwork and she did the scenery. Very nice scenery, too! Long trains don’t scare Rob since he has a good handle on the dynamics of long trains versus gravity!! He has a major steel mill in the works as well as a second level with much more operation.

1955 – 1965 Western PA. PRR & Reading. Steam, diesel; passenger, freight; coal, trailer trains. Double-decked “S” shaped island. Integrated steel complex; two 2-track helices; large intermodal yard; staging yards on each deck.

Sadly, because of health issues, this layout had to be dismantled so that Rob & Sandi could move.

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View – Eastbound (06/16/2015)
Cab View – Westbound (06/16/2015)
Caboose View Eastbound (06/16/2015)
Flyover (06/16/2015)
Branch Line Caboose View (06/16/2015)

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Photos from 6/16/2015 by Bill Fagan

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