Steven Mallery – PRR: Buffalo Line (HO)


Steven Mallery, who just happens to be a retired prototype Dispatcher for Norfolk Southern working the same geographical area that he models, runs his mid 1960’s era PRR Buffalo Line from South Williamsport, PA, to GJ interlocking outside of Buffalo, NY, as a point to point model railroad with three staging yards representing Enola, PA, Buffalo, NY, and Erie, PA. The principal classification yard at Renovo is supplemented by four small local yards. Half of the 250 feet of HO scale single track mainline with passing sidings is on two levels allowing plenty of space on the center peninsula single level half for the main physical model railroad feature, the heavy helper grade necessitating helper assistance for both up hill shoves and down hill braking. Depending on traffic, two helper crews are often required. The model railroad is located in a 28′ x 34′ room.

More info at Steve’s Website

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View – Main Line (4/23/2015)
Cab View – Branch Line (4/23/2015)

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Photos from April of 2015 by Bill Fagan

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