New Jersey Division Joint Meet – with Philly and Garden State Divisions

Date(s) - Saturday, August 5, 2023
9:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Switlik Park
5 Fischer Place
Hamilton Township, NJ 08620



On Saturday, August 5, 2023 the NJ Division will host a special summer joint meet.  All Philadelphia Division members are invited.  Below is a link to the flyer describing all of the information and details about the meet.

The location will be the recreation building at Switlik Park in Hamilton, NJ. This is the location where the Jersey Division usually holds their March meet. Many Philly members have attended our meet here in the past and should be familiar with the venue.

Activities will include clinics, white elephant sales, AP judging, popular vote contest (TBD), model showcase table, raffle and door prizes, free table, guest speaker, and a few open layouts in the late afternoon. This will be an all-day affair, 9:30-4pm with a $2 hoagie lunch available. Admission is free.

Our guest speaker is John Kilbride who will be doing a presentation on the Camden and Amboy Railroad.

There will be a total of four clinics given and at this time we have an open spot for a clinician. If anyone in the Philly Division would like to present a clinic, please contact New Jersey Division Assistant Superintendent Mike Prokop (

We are also inviting the guys from the Garden State Division to join us, so it’ll be a great opportunity to connect with them.  We’re looking forward to running our special summer meet, and hopefully some of our friends from the Philadelphia Division will be able to join us.

Please RSVP to Mike Prokop via email with “Special” in the subject line at We need to how many will be attending for planning purposes, especially for lunch. 



The New Jersey Division’s Special Summer Meet is approaching fast – just a little over two weeks away. Mike Prokop, the Special Meet’s coordinator, has some important information and details about the meet that he will expand upon below. Hopefully, everyone is having a great and enjoyable summer.
Yes hello, Mike P here again and John’s right, the meet is coming up fast! I wanted to convey some more specific details about some of the cool activities we’ve been planning for the meet and get all that will be attending ready to enjoy the day. Lots to read below so get comfortable! OR forget reading this and just wing it and show up! But, please let me know you’re coming.


First off, a quick reminder that the meet is on Saturday, August 5th, in Hamilton, NJ, at the Switlik Park facility. We’ve met there numerous times usually in March for our regular late winter meet. The flyer has the address of Switlik Park. Maps and directions are in the July edition of The Dispatcher.  If anyone needs any more specific directions, email Mike Prokop at


PLEASE, if you’re planning on attending the meet and have not responded by emailing me at, please do as soon as you can. We need to have a head count to properly provide lunch to the hungry hoards that day. If you’re not sure about coming and at the last-minute show up, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll be welcomed with open arms, but you’ll be last online for the hoagie lunch. We’re planning on having some extra chow, but you’ll be taking your chances if we run out. We’ll have about an hour’s break for lunch and there are local eateries in the neighborhood as an option, or you can brown bag your lunch. Again, see the flyer. We’re offering a $2 hoagie lunch with chips and soda. During lunch you can browse the White Elephant Tables, Contest Table and Model Showcase Table, or maybe pick up a trinket at the “free table.”




Clinics: There will be four clinics presented. Two in the morning and two right after lunch. The morning and afternoon clinics will run simultaneously, that is, you can choose to attend one of the morning clinics of your choice and then one of the afternoon ones similarly. In my next update, I’ll have a description and scheduling of each clinic.


Guest Speaker: John Kilbride will be presenting a talk and slide show on the Camden and Amboy Railroad. I included John’s bio and description of his talk in the last update and I also included it below. Check it out for specific details. Keep in mind some of the historical artifacts of the C&A are located outside the back door of the meeting building at Switlik, just beyond the edge of the park grounds.


Model Contest: Bring in your best modeling work! That’s the theme of this contest: it’s kind of a free-for-all throw-down! Enter any model railroading item that you’ve constructed from a kit or scratch built. Railroad cars, structures, dioramas, as long as it fits into the building. It just has to be model railroad related and that you made it.  The contest winner will be selected by popular vote and will win a gift card to Yankee Dabbler Hobby Shop for $25! Any person entering an item into the contest can also participate with your work in the Model Showcase as described below. So, you may not win the prize, but you’ll have an opportunity to tell all of us something about it if you’d like.


Model Showcase: Similar to the model contest but this will be a table for those wanting to just show off a model or project that you’ve worked on or is still a work in progress. You don’t have to, but a few minutes would be allocated for you to describe the model or work you’ve been working on to the people at the meet. You also have the option of entering your work into the contest described above.


White Elephant Tables: we all know what these are. Reserve a table or half a table and bring your stuff to sell. There will be a limited number of tables available so please email me with your request for a table (or half table) at Or you can call me on my cell phone on 6096102687. This will have to be first come, first served so don’t wait. I’m limiting everyone to one table max unless there aren’t sufficient requests, and then I’ll let anyone asking for more than one table know that more space is available. 


“Free Table”: Bring your unwanted, excess, or unneeded modeling items to share with your fellow modelers. You know, “your junk is someone else’s treasure!” We’ve done this before and people really enjoy it. So just as the table’s name implies, “free,” means you can take any item from the table to use on your layout or incorporate into your next modeling project. Use the item as is, kit bash it or use it for parts, whatever suits you. You don’t have to contribute an item to the “free table” to participate, but maybe next time at a future meet you’ll have something you could bring to deposit on the table.


AP Judging: There will be official NMRA judges standing by to evaluate and judge your motive power, rail car or structure. All the judges ask is a heads up if you’re planning on bringing in something to be judged. Again, you can email me at with a short description of what you’d like to be judged. You need to bring all the appropriate paperwork filled out as required by the NMRA website. The judges will have all the necessary documents needed to evaluate your model and assign a score. Any questions contact me.


That’s it for now, I’ll put out an update next week with some more information and details. Contact me at with any questions, thoughts or concerns.

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