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     We are happy to post individual and club layouts located in the Philadelphia Division area as well as those in our neighboring divisions. Many of these layouts can be visited following division meetings or during the Model Railroad Open House event each year in November.
     Please contact us if you'd like to have your layout featured on the website. We can take photos or you can supply your own. We welcome additional, supportive information such as descriptions or track plans. If you'd like to have videos taken please contact Bill Fagan. And, of course, please contact us If your layout is already posted and you need to make changes.

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Ken Poznaniak – Chesapeake, Susquehanna and Western Railroad (HO)

Photo by Bill Fagan


Ken Poznaniak’s Chesapeake, Susquehanna and Western Railroad (HO) is a contemporary line featuring Amtrak passenger trains and modern, high capacity freight trains. This fully scenicked, bi-level layout is connected at each end by a helix permitting running or point to point DCC Digitrak operation.

Featured industries include a coal processing plant with an automated, continuous running, coal loading facility and an automated rotary dumper for the hopper cars at a large power plant. A major steel mill with dual blast furnaces, rolling mill, and all the necessary support facilities generates much of the traffic for the railroad, and … More...

Tom Brown – New England RR (HO)



This late steam, early diesel, 1954 era railroad runs from Portland, ME to Burlington, VT. Full prototype passenger operations for New England, along with way-freights and yard operations. Published in MR, May 1993.  Changed to New England prototype since publication.… More...
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