Alden Smith – Western Maryland: Cumberland & Penna. Division (HO)


The rugged mountains of Maryland, with their emphasis on coal mining, have long captured his interest.  The layout, set in 1950-1954 and earlier, is in two connecting rooms with a swing down bridge.  Dimensions are 18 x 23 and 26 x 8.  It is a point-to-point, around-the-walls configuration. Powered by Digitrax, the layout uses a car card system.  It allows 3-5 operators to control 16 scheduled work orders. Twenty-two first generation WM diesels and several steam locos provide the motive power.  Hidden staging and a reversing loop allow flexibility. Main line run is 116 feet.

Videos by Bill Fagan from 07/10/2015
Flyover #1
Flyover #2
Cab View – Westbound
Cab View – Eastbound

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Photos by Skip Vanderslice

Photos from 2014 by Howard Kaplan

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