Bob Dietrich – East Penn Traction Co. (HO)


Bob built his East Penn module about 1988. Over the years it grew and developed to a finished state, all the while being displayed and run at various trade shows and East Penn meets. The original goal was to create something that didn’t look like any other module, reproducing a bridge in Baltimore, the trestle in Lykens Valley Railway, and a Western PA hill that could be used for storage.

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View (11/23/2015)
Flyover (11/23/2015)
Flyover #2 (11/23/2015)(Taken by Bob Rule)

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Photos from 11/2015 by Rob Ischinger.


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  1. A lot of attention to detail. I enjoyed the poses of the many figures in various scenes performing the work they were doing. The painters, the man putting a ladder on a pickup truck and many more. The various items placed around buildings or on building ‘porch type areas’ make for more realistic scenes. I enjoyed the photos and gives me ides to add to my model RR. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    Harold Johnson had many friends in the Penn Traction club. I have been distraught and Harold told me to contact his club friends. Mr Harold Johnson has passed away. He left an incredible set up. If anyone is interested please contact Jason Best @ 212-255-8464. I hate selling anything that was important to Harold. He was a great friend and mentor. It is now time to share his collection with his friends. He said a man named Bill was his buddy. I’d like to have him contact me to discuss what should happen with Harold’s collection,
    thank you,
    Jason Best.

  3. Dear Gentlemen,

    I am an old Philadelphian who caught the Trolley Car “Disease” at a very early age, I have just turned 90.I now live in Hamburg in Germany, but still have the “disease”. Last year Charles Long helped me receive the trolley calender that you put out. Of course I sent him the money beforehand.

    But this year I cannot reach Charles and appeal to him through this mail, or to you to tell me how much and to whom I can send the payment for the calendar this year. Many thanks in advance for your help

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