Logan Model RR Club – Logan Southern (HO) (dismantled)


The Logan Model Engineers are a group of people that share a love of railroading for over 40 years. We get together once a week to try to recreate on a smaller scale the grandeur that once was American railroading. Located in Souderton, PA, Logan Southern Railroad is a fictional railroad that runs from the town of Logan, in the northwest corner of Pennsylvania, south and east across the Allegheny Mountains to Harrisburg.

HERE IS OUR MAJOR NEWS…Souderton Borough is forcing us out this building for renovation. We have to relocate and will no longer have this space available. We were never included in any discussions or involved with any plans. We were just told that we must be out by Fail of 2015.

With that being said, members have to search for a new location.. We had a great 40+ years at this location and we hope to find a new location so that we can invite everyone back. If you know of any such location, please contact us on Facebook.

The club members have quite a sense of humor. Here is a list of the names on the various buildings:

A. Leakzalot Plumbing Supplies
Beaver Lumber & Supply Co.
Bernbetter Petrolieum “We Burn Better”
Blakkenbirnt Inc. “Toaster & Waffle Irons Mfg. Co.”
Bob Bitt’s Sharpening Service
Boilem Diaper Wash “U Soilem – We Boilem”
Buzzted Bar
Buzzted Flats “A Nice Place to Live”
Clems Gems
Destitoot Savings and Loan Co
Dimmflicker Power Co
Dingle & Berry Work Suits
Dr. Ben Over Proctologist
Dr. D. Seet Cosmetic Surgery “Your Age Is My Wage”
Farran Heights Ice Co.
Fatstuff’s Foodstuffs
Fitzbahd Menswear
Fyndout Detective Co
Hakkenkoff’s Tobacco Shop
Horace’s Happy Hops Brewery “Our Beer Made with Better Wetter Water”
Hotazhell Furnaces
Huey’s Bouy’s “Our Job is to Bob”
I Stitchem Shoe Repair
I. Summittup Accounting
I. Whypett Leather Goods
I.C. Frost Ice Co
I.M. Dunrovin, Slaughter House
Immy Tashuns Fine Jewelry
Ingestian & Hartbern Food Processing
Innafective Employment Agency
Isabelle Ringing Alarm Co.
J. Shortsircuts Electrical Repair
Krawlenzrak, Inc. Underware Co.
Lacka Nukes Electric Co.
Lohst & Pilfurd Freight Co., I. Boxxitt Freight Agent
Lottawatts Light Fictures
M.T. Kranium Encyclopedia Co
Mildood & Motheetin Plush Furnishings
Milo’s Silo’s “We Buy Your Rye & Keep It Dry”
Mizplaced, Forgotten & Lost Quality Wharehouse & Storage “A Name You Can Trust”
N. E. Whare Maps & Charts
Neverfits Clothing
Neverhavit Building Supplies
Neverite Pencil Company
Nowhole’s Donuts
O. Ithurtz & I’ Filzum Dental Academy
O.H. Whatastench Fine Tobaccoes
Olde Frothingslosh “The Pale Ale – For the Pale Stale Male, The Beer with the Head on the Bottom”
Outa Kilter Steel Erection Co.
Outtenspott Dry Cleaners
Pat Ernns Wallpaper Co. “We Won’t leave You Hanging”
Peon De Grass Fertilizer Co
Phoamless Brewing Co.
Pierce & Skwynt Co. Fine Spectacles
Pinchum Corset Co. “We Squeeze To Please”
Pizzonnett Toilet Seat Co. “Best Seat in the House”
Prayfer Rayne Industries , Irigation, Pumps & Pipes
Putumout Fire Co
Rammit Suppository Co
Reedmoor Books
Rhusted & Corroaded Plumbing Supply
R.U Deff Hearing Aids (This is a real Company)
Salvatore’s Salvage “You Name it We Got It”
Scruggery’s Druggery Prescriptions
Seymour Spotz Travel Agent
Shivern & Shakin Heating Service
Shurtalooz Investment Co.
Skippy Records
Skynem & Swyndill Attorney’s At Law
Slicks Flicks
Sparky’s Conflagration Elimination Services
Sphynfahst Company, Bushings, Bearings & Belts
T. Rotenschotz Gunsmith
Tangulled and Notted Shoelace Co
Tonsorial Parlor
Tutities Shoes
U Peddlebetters Velocipedes Bicycles
U. Regrettit Tattoo Parlour
U.B. Good Dog Training
V. Skalpum Barber
Vicky’s Victrolas “Hear it Here”
W.E. Pynchtoze “Quality Footware”
W.E. Wreckem Auto Repair
Wattawipe Toilet Tissue Company Inc.
Weeblyndum Optometrist
Where Izwe Inc. Map Co.
Worthwools 5&10
Y. Hobbel Canemaker
Y. Wurrie Insurance Co.
Youzeless and Paymoor Electric Co

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View – Eastbound (06/04/2015)
Cab View – Westbound (06/04/2015)
Caboose View (06/04/2015)
Flyover (06/04/2015)
Switchback – Cab View (06/17/2015)
Switchback – Caboose View (06/17/2015)

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Photos from May of 2015 by Rob Ischinger

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