Schuylkill Valley Model RR Club (HO)


The Schuylkill Valley Model Railroad Club started in 1968, and held its first open house in 1975 and then every year thereafter. The Schuylkill Valley Railroad has a prototypical theme, being modeled after the Reading’s main line from Philadelphia to Reading with many of the towns along that route. There are several points of animation along the route which are activated by pushing a button on the fascia, including an operating backhoe at an excavation site, an oil rig pumping, fire engines responding to a fire, and a carnival with rides. The railroad is a point to point design. The scenery is nearly completed.

Videos by Bill Fagan
Cab View – Reading RR (05/30/2015)
Cab View – Branch Line (05/30/2015)
Cab View – On30 (05/30/2015)

GALLERY NAVIGATION: Click on thumbnail. Slideshow controls at bottom of screen. Click on X or photo to exit.

Photos from May of 2015 by Rob Ischinger

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